Today has been less manic, or at least I have become a little more used to it already. You don’t have time to think, if possible to be too sentimental, you just have to get on with it. We went up to Moria, the registration centre for refugees coming from non-Syrian countries, those who it’s not in the benefit of the west for their media to drum up sympathy and support for. Dealing mainly with Iraqis and Afghans, we handed out clothes, shoes and food to whoever was lucky enough, which is never nearly everyone.

Moria used to be the registration centre solely for the Syrian refugees but then when everyone else turned up they moved them somewhere else. Moria is like a festival gone wrong, rubbish everywhere, high unscalable fences, locals selling expensive crap food and angry police playing ‘crowd control’. It is a nightmare, especially for those trapped behind the fence, lucky enough to be in an indefinite queue and unable to leave to get any food, drink, or even go to the toilet. While listening to two doctors talk I discovered those processing the people control the speed they let them through, it is increasing obvious the benefit to the local economy of having thousands to hungry people needing food, taxis and boats arriving daily. Incidentally, they were also discussing the fact the person they were checking up on most likely had hypothermia.

I showed them a photo of a man suffering from trench foot, I have added the picture below, it is nothing out of the ordinary around here apparently. I have been too busy to take many photographs and people don’t always like their picture being taken. Take a look at what I have so far, it may give you an idea in a way that words cannot.

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